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Footsie & Lunko find a home

Footsie & Lunko are two amazing socks discovered by the Miller family at a Saturday morning yard sale.

When the family leaves Monday morning for school and work, mischief is afoot in their absence - and the family will never be the same!

This first book of Footsie & Lunko's amazing adventures finds them in a new home - and there's lots to discover!

All books are recommended for ages 4-9.

Profits from the sale of this book series will be used to support the families of wounded warriors through the Fisher House Foundation.

Footsie & Lunko Meet Captain Al

Those magical socks, Footsie and Lunko, again enjoy a family adventure by embarking on a boat ride and viewing the waters off Long Island NY.

To everyone's surprise the boat ride turns into a volunteer team effort to help clean up the local waterways on Long Island, New York.

Readers will enjoy this story and its teaching theme about the importance of protecting our environment by keeping local waterways and the oceans clean.

The non-profit group SPLASH is using the Captain Al book for the environmental education of children at their facility and in local schools.

Dr. Mike Kruger helps Captain Al and his Splash volunteers remove trash from the marshes near Freeport, Long Island.

Dr. Mike Kruger reads Footsie & Lunko Meet Captain Al to Kindergarten Classes at the Graham Elementary School in Falls Church, VA on April 19, 2016 in support of Earth Day.

Footsie & Lunko
Discover a Princess

The Miller family and their magical socks, Footsie and Lunko, return in this delightful story that follows the celebration of James' costume birthday party. James loves martial arts and so does his friend, Lauren, but everyone is surprised when she comes to the party as a beautiful princess!

Footsie and Lunko are excited about the party, seeing a princess for the first time and having fun in all of the activities. They even join everybody dancing and singing "Happy Birthday" to James!

When the party is over the family talks about what they liked best. That's when the Miller children come to learn that everyone can grow up to be whoever they want to be, as long as they're willing to work hard and dream along the way.